Arts & Culture Chronicle

Arts and culture are an integral part of effective community engagement that often also serves as a powerful catalyst for relational and intellectual development. Each publication describes, reflects and visualizes a selected geographic area that highlights the parallels of arts and culture and their life science relationships to tradition, innovation, excellence, distinctiveness and passion. To visualize selected subjects we include original art works from various artists.


The first publication of our arts and culture chronicle is dedicated to the Netherlands that consists of 250 oversized exemplars. All are individually numbered and bear the signatures from the authors and artists.

None of books are identical and each is a unique as it entails the original artworks from Dutch artists. Each exemplar comes with its own folding metal stand that enables a freestanding exposure in any room. A true bibliophile rarity.

Unique is also the option that our customers are able to personalize their books this includes also a choice of languages. In this option each book is made on order. 

The launch date is planned for early September 2018.
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